Assistant Professor Lu Jiong

Lu Jiong

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B.Sc., 2007, Fudan University; Ph.D., 2011, National University of Singapore., Postdoctoral fellow, 2011-2014 National University of Singapore and University of California at Berkeley.

Contact Information

Department of Chemistry, NUS
3 Science Drive 3
Singapore 117543

Office: MD1-14-03F
Tel: (65) 6516 2683
Fax: (65) 6779 1691



We have positions available at both the graduate and postdoctoral levels. Highly-motivated individuals who are trained and/or passionate about materials science, physical chemistry, surface and interface science, nanotechnology and scanning probe microscopy related topics are welcome to apply. Interested candidates should send your CV, research summary and reference contact information to


Research Interests

Our group will conduct interdisciplinary research on low-dimensional materials for optoelectronic, energy and environmental related applications. We aim to understand and control the chemical and physical processes from the atomic to the macroscopic scale for creating novel functional materials and devices. In particular, we are interested in exploring nanoscale chemical and physical phenomena with an aim towards understanding the basic properties of single atoms and molecules at surfaces in a device environment.

Our research efforts are related to the following areas:

* 2D organic and inorganic materials
* Surface and interface science
* Atomically well-defined 2D materials nanostructures
* Low-temperature scanning probe exploring the chemistry and physics of single-molecule and nanostructured devices.

Representative Publications

  • Lu J.*, Gomes L.C.*, Nunes, R.W., Castro Neto, A.H.  Loh, K.P.  Lattice Relaxation at the Interface of Two-dimensional Crystals: Graphene and Hexagonal Boron-Nitride Nano Lett. 14, 5133 (2014) (*equal contribution)
  • Bao Y., Xu H., Lu J., Loh K.P. Periodic Grain Boundaries Formed by Thermal Reconstruction of Polycrystalline Graphene Film J. Am. Chem. Soc. 136, 12041 (2014)
  • Lu J.*, Zhang K.*, Liu X.F., Zhang H., Sum T.C., Castro Neto A.H., Loh K.P. Order-Disorder Transition in a Two-dimensional Boron-Carbon-Nitride Alloy Nature Commum. 4, 2681 (2013) (*equal contribution)
  • Lu J., Loh K.P. Single-Molecule Chemical Reactions Tracked at the Atomic-Bond Level Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 51, 13521 (2013)
  • Lu J., Yeo P.S.E., Zheng Y., Xu H., Gan C.K., Sullivan M.B., Castro Neto A.H., Loh K.P. Step Flow Versus Mosaic Film Growth in Hexagonal Boron Nitride J Am. Chem. Soc. 135, 2368 (2013)
  • Lu J., Bao Y., Su C.L., Loh K.P. Properties of Strained Structures and Topological Defects in Graphene ACS nano 7, 8350 (2013)
  • Zheng Y., Su C.L., Lu J., Loh K.P. Room-Temperature Ice Growth on Graphite Seeded by Nano-Graphene Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 52, 8708-8712 (2013)
  • Lu J., Castro Neto A. H., Loh K.P. Transforming Moiré Blisters into Graphene Nanobubbles Nature Commum. 3, 823 (2012)
  • Lu J., Yeo P.S.E., Zheng Y., Yang Z. Y., Bao Q.L., Gan C.K., Loh K.P.  Using the Graphene Moiré Pattern for the Trapping of C60 and Homoepitaxy of Graphene ACS nano 6, 944 (2012)
  • Su C.L., Acik M., Takai K., Lu J., Hao S., Zheng Y., Wu P.P., Bao Q.L., Enoki T., Chabal Y. J., Loh K.P. Probing the Catalytic Activity of Porous Graphene Oxide and the Origin of this Behavior Nature Commum. 3, 823 (2012)
  • Lu J., Zheng Y., Sorkin A., Loh K.P. Growing Suspended Graphene on C60 Molecules Small8, 3728-3732 (2012)
  • Lu J., Yeo P.S.E., Gan C.K., Wu P., Loh K.P. Transforming C60 Molecules into Graphene Quantum Dots Nature Nanotech. 6, 247 (2011).       
  • Wang Y., Xu X.F., Lu J., Lin M., Bao Q.L., Özyilmaz B., Loh K.P. Toward High Throughput Interconvertible Graphane-to-Graphene Growth and Patterning ACS Nano 4, 6146-6152 (2010).                 
  • Lu J., Yang J.X., Wang J.Z., Lim A.L., Wang S., Loh K.P. One-Pot Synthesis of Fluorescent Carbon Nanoribbons, Nanoparticles, and Graphene by the Exfoliation of Graphite in Ionic Liquids ACS nano 3, 2367-2375 (2009)
  • Lu J., Huang H., Chen W., Wee A.T.S., Loh K.P. Plasmon Dispersion on Epitaxial Graphene Studied Using High-Resolution Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy Phys. Rev. B, 80, 113410 (2009)